I was naive when starting out iOS Development. I was so excited to publish my first app on App store that I forgot to add Analytics and version checking. As a result I didn't know how many users are using the app and how many users encountered crash in the app. I also didn't add a version checker/updater in the app, resulted some user using an old version of the app even though there is a newer version available.

Hence a reminder to every aspiring mobile developer out there :
Remember to include Analytics and Version checker before publishing your app to the App Store/Play Store. Once your app appear on the app store, some user will download the first version and wont update it afterward (yes, these user exist and I am one of them).

1. Add Analytics

Crashlytics From Twitter/Fabric is pretty good, I used it for the uPush app .It's free and gives good insight for users statistics and crash information. Google Analytics is a good option too.

uPush crashlytics stats

2. Add Version checker

Sometimes you have changed some vital API endpoints at the backend server and you realized the previous version of the app is using old API endpoints. You want to force the user of the old version app to upgrade, what can you do to force them? 😖

For iOS I used Harpy, you can do a version check on app launch and force user to update by showing dialog like this :
Harpy demonstration