An interesting problem I met during work, the previous developer placed a child UIButton outside of its parent UIView bounds, hence the tap on the UIButton is not registered. I troubleshooted 15 minutes for this problem and found the correct keyword to google for in Stack Overflow.

Writing this down in case my future self needs to reference it.

//override this in a UIView Custom Class

// check if any sub element inside view is outside bounds of the view
// if yes, expand the hitable area of view with its sub element
- (UIView *)hitTest:(CGPoint)point withEvent:(UIEvent *)event
  if (!self.clipsToBounds && !self.hidden && self.alpha > 0) {
    for (UIView *subview in self.subviews.reverseObjectEnumerator) {
      CGPoint subPoint = [subview convertPoint:point fromView:self];
      UIView *result = [subview hitTest:subPoint withEvent:event];
      if (result != nil) {
        return result;
  return nil;

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