The local iOS monthly meetup group I participated in mentioned about iOS Conf Singapore a while back. I have never been to a tech conference before and was kinda excited when knowing this event. I grabbed one of my friend and university lecturer to go along with me 😝.

The conference was really nice, the people there are awesome and helpful, food and itineraries are really great too. The ticket price was worth every penny. The food alone already cover back the price lol.

More information on the conference can be found here : The talks on the conference can be found here :

Photo Dump

View of singapore from plane

View of Singapore from the plane.

Gay world hotel
Walked across this hotel, its name looks kinda cool but we didn't stay there.

Coziee Lodge
We stayed at this cozy lodge, the facilities provided is good for its price. Though the air condition didn't work on the first two night of stay ^^;.

Words to live by
Some words to live by, this poster is sticked on the reception counter.

Road sign
Lor means lorong, lorong is the malay term for 'road'.

Morning view from MRT
Morning view from the public train.

Event held at Nanyang polytechnic
The event was held at Nanyang polytechnic.

Free coffee from the sponsors
Free coffee from the sponsors.

Great coffee needs no sugar
Sugar is for the weak.

Facebook giving out swag on their booth
Facebook giving out swag on their booth at the conference.

Facebook recruitment brochure
Facebook recruitment brochure, I guess they switched from 'Move fast and Break things' to 'Move fast and Build things' 😝.

Paypal/Braintree booth
Paypal/Braintree booth, they gave mug as swag! .

Crowd at event
Crowd at the event.

Subhransu giving opening speech
Subhransu giving opening speech, thanking sponsor and staff.

Very real portrayal of programmer work
Very real portrayal of programmer work.

Queuing for the foods
Queuing for the foods, the food is really nice.

Selfie with hooli employee
Selfie with ex-Hooli employee, he works at Grab now .

Control room
Control room with powerful projector.


Marshall headphones
Didn't knew these Marshall headphones are for a contest for the best photo taken with the coffee.

Coffee is always a good idea
Coffee is always a good idea, isn't it?

Tea breaks with cakes
Tea breaks with cakes.

Screensaver for the event.

After event dinner venue
After event dinner venue! Great satay and beer, not this lounge in the picture, the venue is actually at the back of this lounge, it's called "Red Dot Lounge".

Selfie with tim oliver and sam davies
Selfie with Tim Oliver and Sam Davies

That's all photo for now 😝.