Merry Christmas! How is your Christmas going? Do you receive anything from Santa?

Here's a Christmas Art =3

Two more days to Comic Fiesta, excited and nervous at the same time ^^;

One more week until next year, how many new year resolution you have completed this year? I only managed to complete a few Orz


I started to learn Ruby through Codecademy and found that their method and explanation are really simple and easy to follow,
but their interpreter sometimes doesn't accept answer beyond their preset input, anyhow I recommend this for people who are interested in Ruby, it's really fun following their tutorial.

Ruby is a really refined language and it has lots of preset library such as Prime class, calculating/generating prime in Ruby takes only about three lines.
Other than that, its variable doesn't bound by preset memory size such as int in C++ only hold 4 bytes of memory thus the value cannot exceed 65535 (unsigned).
I really like the flexibility of ruby althought I still can't get used to not typing semicolon, I still type semicolon at the end of every line in ruby =P.

Well then, thats all from this update.