Making of UTAR Cosplay Event

The university I went is named UTAR in case you are wondering.

By a chance of luck, I was suddenly in part of UTAR Cosplay Event(UCE) performing team.
It is my first time performing on stage and cosplaying publicly, I am very grateful and happy for this ^^.
It is one of my happiest moments during my university life, I would like to thanks guys/girls at Japanese Culture Club
for organising this event.


Photos grabbed from Official UTAR Japanese Culture Club Facebook Page
All copyrights reserved to the respective owners of the photos.

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UCE is even published on the local newspaper ^w^/.

Thank you everyone including Nate, Eddy, Eric, Fai, Janice, Ohjisan, Carmen, Vincent,Kingsley, Wyell, Vivian, Daniel, Chris, Skeeter , Tomoyo and many others for making this happen.
I had fun and I am glad to have met all guys during my university life, I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from this event.